Shaker Workbench, Building the Drawer Frame
Shaker Workbench, Building the Drawers

Making a Gift - White Oak Table Top

I recently made a Christmas gift for my Sweetie...

Several years back, some friends gave my wife an old antique sewing machine table that had belonged to their grandmother. It sat in storage for quite a while; then last year we re-purposed all the sliding drawers from the unit into handy little desktop holder thingies and gave them to our friends' daughters, and my wife and daughter. But still, there sat the remaining iron frame with the now-dilapidated wood framework and non-working sewing machine. So, it was time to make something nice of it and gift it to my wife...

After removing the old sewing machine and stripping off all the remaining wood parts, I got out some pieces of white oak and made a new table top to mount on the iron frame.


Milled up three pieces of white oak to about 1-1/4" thick and glued them up...

20201215_165150 20201219_152341

After trimming the blank to final size, I cut underside bevels along all the edges. This would make the thick top have a less chunky appearance...

20201221_122014 20201221_150057

Then I filled knot holes with epoxy, scraped and sanded through grits to 220g, applied several coats of General Finishes High Performance clear water based topcoat (adding just a few drops of red mahogany stain to warm it up a bit), buffing between coats...


All done, and time for the gifting...

IMG_20201225_145546_399 (2)
IMG_20201225_145546_399 (2)



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